Have You Legalized Your Union?

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Why Buy The Cow When I Have The Milk? Have you heard this phrase before? Are you wondering what it means? Today, many couples live together before marriage, claiming this will help them know themselves better or test out their compatibility. But does this really test out their compatibility? Does it lead to marriage?


Live-in relationship as some call it or Trial marriage does not test one of the most crucial elements of marriage-commitment .Statistics has also reveal that most of the live-in relationship does not end in marriage. Why? Because all the excitement and every thing your partner ought to look forward to in marriage has all been seen free of charge and also there is this feeling of what more is there in it for me. It’s like having the milk free of charge so why pay for the cow .
No other arrangement other than marriage can offer the same degree of protection and security to all parties-including any children that may result from their union.Living together without the benefit of marriage is called fornication.

Get your Union legalized , look for a marriage registry near you and have a registry wedding . What do you stand to lose by registering your wedding ? Nothing. So do the right thing!!

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