Do You Have The Fourth Kind Of Love For Your Significant Other



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It is an indisputable fact that love is essential to the survival of any marital relationship. Interestingly there are different kinds of love.

One is a warm , personal affection for someone, the kind that exists between close friends. Another is the love that grows between family members. A third is the romantic love that one have for a member of the opposite s3x. Let’s pause at this juncture;Romantic love? This is such a beautiful love, this is the love that even with your eyes wide open , you are blind to the shortcomings of your partner. This is the love that makes you feel you can’t live without your partner. It is still the same love that makes you tie the knot with your partner. Be it lust, infatuation, it is all perceived as romantic love. This love seems to be very popular  but Can romantic love stand the test of time? Can this love stand you don see me finish Syndrome? Hardly! There is a love greater than all these love and a must have for all couples if they really want to enjoy and not endure their marriage. This is the only love that can guarantee long-lasting relationship, a happy and stable union and a successful  marriage.

This love is the fourth kind of love, it is the AGAPE love. What makes agape love greater that the other love? It is governed by  principles. It is an unselfish concern for doing to others what is good  whether the recipient deserve it or not. It is this love that enables marriage partners to continue putting up with one another and forgiving  one another freely if anyone has a cause for complaint against another.

Loving married couples must have and cultivate the agape love which is an intense love for each other, because love covers a multitude of sins. When such love is cultivated by married couple, their marriage will last and be happy for love never fails, it is a perfect bond of union.




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