The Best Compliment A Wife Can Give To Her Husband



Some marriages today are like a ship with two competing captains and you and I knows the fate of a ship with two competing captains.

When God instituted marriage,she created the woman to be a compliment and not a competitor to the man. The woman or wife is expected to manifest love, respect and willing submission to her husband. Being a good wife goes beyond being submissive, it also means being a real helper to your partner, being supportive of your husband’s decision .

Being a compliment to her husband includes her expressing appreciation for his partner’s effort in taking the lead instead of criticizing him or making him feel he can never satisfy her.she also needs to deal with her husband in a positive way by being calm and mild, always remembering that it is God that made the man the head of the family.

A wife who lives with godly devotion does not compete with or seek to dominate her husband instead she loyally support him and work with him.she supplies qualities and abilities that her husband lacks.This would make her partner appreciate her and treat her with respect and dignity.

In situation where your opinion differs on a particular issue from that of your partner, your husband is more likely to respect your opinion if it is presented with a mild temper and deep respect. Always remember that the wife is created to be a helper, a complement and not a competitor to her partner.


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