S3xual Communication A Recipe For Great Marriage



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While listening to a program on the radio on s3xual intimacy between couples , I was shocked to my marrows when most of the married women that called lamented that their husband has not slept with them for several months. How could this be?

Today, couples for whom the spark of passion still burns bright may be rarer than those whose flame is long extinguished, and this is caused by many factors.But there is only one thing which can help sparks up passion and keeps the flame of passion alive in marriage and that is S3x.Little wonder the originator of marriage admonishes husband not to deprive their wife of s3x, likewise the wife. You may argue that there are so many other things you can do together as couple that makes your relationship great that s3x shouldn’t be as much of a priority.Stop!and think for a while , what is the only thing you do in your relationship that you can’t do with someone else.
The only thing you uniquely share with your spouse that you don’t share with anyone else is s3x. So s3x is the only thing that sets you and your spouse apart from simply being roommates. It’s a vital part of marriage.
S3x brings closeness that is beyond words, it is the glue in a marriage.

S3x not only set you and your spouse apart from simply being roommates, it helps foster s3xual communication which is a deeper level of communication that you don’t normally do with just anyone. S3xual communication makes you to talk to each other about intimate, emotional things. It also creates passion and unique connection.‘It promotes intimacy, reassurance and the realisation that both parties are wanted and needed.

A lack of s3x in a relationship is a leading factor in break-ups.
‘Once the s3x goes, so many other problems follow. It has also been proven that couples — especially men — will live longer, happier lives if they remain in a steady, loving relationship. There is no doubt that a healthy s3x life is one of the most important factors in a thriving and successful marriage.’According to Dr Geoff a leading expert in s3xual medicine ‘An active s3x life keeps couples together’. Hence, tiredness, career stress or whatever should not be used to deprive your mate of s3x, infact even if you are exhausted try to make out time for s3x as it will bring you and your partner together. Though there are times when marriage mates may genuinely have to deprive each other of s3x but this must be discussed and a mutual consent reached by both parties.

Couples especially husband should avoid pornography which create unclean and unnatural desires. They must also guard their thoughts and actions when dealing with members of the opposite s3x to avoid falling into temptation and committing adultery. Couples need to learn to really talk and communicate about s3x. They also need to be open to hearing what their spouse wants, feels and needs. This is not only a recipe for great s3x but a great marriage as well.

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  2. Most women today need to understand that they need to remain fit and attractive for the man to keep coming to them and not look outside.

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