A kiss a day keeps quarrel away




Kissing is intimate, it gets to the core of your heart and soul. It is a lovely way of expressing affection and love. Do you know that a Kiss a day keeps quarrel away?

Kissing plays an important role in relationships. It fosters romantic compatibility,and the more couples kiss, the more they’re able to communicate on a romantic level.

Most couples avoid kissing unless they about to have s3x but that’s too bad because it helps foster the intimacy between couples.Infact it makes wIves feel closer to their husband.

There is no reason to avoid kissing earlier in the day (now if you always turn your spouse down, that’s a problem). If you avoid kissing, then you deprive yourself of one of your primary ways to keep the flame in your marriage and have a successful Marriage.

Most couples only kiss today as foreplay–not at the start of the day. Or if they do kiss, it’s just a quick peck. So I want you to start kissing–really kissing–everyday!

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