This bride got dumped a week before her wedding, so she threw a party to destroy her dress.

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Shelby Swink was all set to get married on November 1 of last year. Then, on October 28, Shelby’s fiance sat her down, told her he didn’t love her, and called off the wedding.
Shelby was stunned.
She’d known her fiance since their undergrad days, and she’d “poured [her] heart and soul into the wedding plans.” When her fiance ended things just days before their wedding, she suddenly found herself canceling reservations, calling guests, and wondering what to do next.
Shelby’s friends and family rallied aroundo her. But she “didn’t want to be that girl that everyone was tiptoeing around,” she told Fox 13 Memphis.
A few people suggested she trash her dress, and though she was hesitant at first because of the cost, she decided she’d rather have a splatter paint party than a pity party on what was supposed to be her wedding day.
The second the paint hit her dress was cathartic for Shelby, who told Fox 13 Memphis, “At that moment, I just let it go.”If the photographs are any indication, Shelby’s parents and friends had a blast making a huge mess with paint and feathers. They enjoyed champagne and cigars, and as a bonus, nobody had to sit through any boring speeches.

Not only is Shelby totally awesome at life, she has a surprisingly gracious message for her ex. She tells BuzzFeed News that if she could say one thing to him it would be “Thank you for sparing me greater pain and loss down the road. Thank you for pushing me to realize my own strength. Thank you for teaching me that no one can take away my happiness. Thank you for letting me go so I can one day experience true reciprocated love. THANK YOU!”


It’s a pretty badass way to handle disappointment.

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