Are You Realistic With Your Partner?



Are you Realistic with your partner? Today, most couples expect their partner to act or look in certain way to appeal to them, most times these expectations are impossible and unrealistic and this has lead to serious problems in their relationship. An element that sometimes leads to problems  such as this is the unrealistic expectations that one or both of the marriage partners may have.

Romance novels, television programs, and movies can create hopes and dreams that are far removed from real life. When these dreams do not come true, a person can feel cheated, dissatisfied , even bitter. How though can two imperfect people set realistic for each other and thus find happiness in marriage? It takes work to achieve a successful relationship. You should realize that you and your spouse are imperfect and as such may not meet up with your expectations. Before having these expectations, remember that the mental and emotional make of you and your partner are different.Hence take time to discuss your expectations with your partner and work out mutually acceptable solutions.

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