How To Protect Your Marriage From Divorce

No marriage is immune to temptation and divorce not even yours. Hence, you must be intentional about protecting your marriage from temptation which will help to avert divorce. A great marriage doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a lot of work to build a great marriage. Part of that work is protecting your marriage.

How would you protect your marriage from divorce?

By Being Open and Trustworthy: Couples who want their marriage to last forever must realize that openness in marriage is not negotiable. They must not keep secrets from their spouse. Honesty and truthfulness must be their watchword. Being open and and trustworthy helps them to avoid falling into temptation.

For instance, a man who allows his wife to access his phone at anytime definitely knows he can’t be fooling around with other women by receiving their nudes, sexting, entertaining dirty chats, sneaking around on social media and dating app and so forth. Doing this will safeguard him from the temptation out there.

Additionally, when couples are truthful to each other about their feelings with the opposite sex and have a sincere conversation about this it would help them curb such immoral feelings. However, when they are not open to each other and keep such feelings to themselves they would end up doing it. This can lead to divorce when the other party finds out.

Regular communication: communication is the backbone of any marriage. Any couple who does not want their marriage to end in Divorce must always have a honest and open communication on a regular basis. They must checkin on their relationship regularly. They must find out if each person’s need is being met in the marriage and if they are both happy with the state of their relationship.

Most importantly, every little issue must be addressed before it escalates and gets out of hand. Issues must never be swept under the carpet or not thoroughly resolved.

Be Kind To Each Other: acts of kindness even when little can help couples to bond and protect their marriage from divorce. Acts such as picking your spouse from work, helping them with their laundry, making them a cup of tea or coffee, sending them a text during the day, dropping them random love notes in the house or even getting them gifts without no special celebration. Such acts of kindness despite being little or simple reaffirms your love to your spouse.

Can your spouse count on you for a shoulder to lean on during a bad day? Are you the first person your spouse feels like talking to in a bad situation? If your spouse can’t count on your kindness or empathy during a tough time , your spouse might be tempted to look elsewhere for it. Which could lead to extra marital affairs and thereafter divorce.

Date Each Other: It’s weird how after marriage couples stop dating. They hardly go out on date and enjoy quality time together. Dating help couples to bond and avoid loneliness. When companionship is missing in marriage, divorce is getting ready to set in. Especially for a woman, loneliness can push her into the arms of another man. Thus, loneliness shouldn’t be allowed in the marriage. Have regular schedule to watch movies together either at home or at the cinema. Have regular schedule to listen to music together and dance. Buy board games you both can play. All these activities will help you to bond, spice up your relationship and avert loneliness.

These are just a few ways to protect your marriage. However, by checking in on your relationship regularly and communicating with your spouse you both can come up with more effective ways to protect your marriage.

Remember, if you stop working on your marriage you will open it up for temptation and divorce. Thus, continuously put in the work required daily to build a great marriage.

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