Mymarriage Podcast Educates Men On The Importance Of Communcating About Their S3xual Needs


Often times men find it difficult communicating their s3xual needs and this post from Mymarriage podcast hits home. I think every man should read it and realize how important it is to communicate their needs to their wife rather than opting to cheat.

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Most men right from when they were boys were taught to bottle up their feelings. Hence, it's no surprise that most men feel uncomfortable discussing about their sexual needs with their wife. If you want your marriage to be successful DON'T ever feel uncomfortable discussing about your sexual needs with your spouse. It is your right to be satisfied by your spouse. You are not meant to give your partner pleasure without getting the same. YOU can only get this #sexualsatisfaction by communicating about it. Another reason Most men don't bother discussing about this is because they believe they can get that satisfaction outside their marriage without knowing they are doing more harm than good to themself. Don't be DECEIVED! there is no style that sidechick is giving you that your wife can't give you, most wives if not all desires to satisfy their man on bed especially if you have been faithful, loving and caring towards her. Adultery will only DESTROY your marriage as it has no benefit. Learn to discuss about your #sexualneeds which will further help to improve the bond between you and your spouse. #marriagecoach #howtostayhappilymarriedasaman #groomingmenformarriage #yourroleinmarriage #mymarriagepodcast #commitment #infidelityinmarriage #submissivewife #biblicalmarriage #love #lovinghusband #loveyourwife #marriedwomen #stayingmarried #marriedcouple #marriagevows #happilymarried #happilyafter #relationship #relationshiptips #happymarriage #successfulmarriage #intimacyinmarriage #faithfulnessinmarriage #women #men #marriagepodcast #podcastformen

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Honestly, this post says it all! Women are not magicians to know what you want and how you want it if you don’t communicate it. Rather than seeking an affair outside your marriage to satisfy your needs , have that affair with your wife. Better still It’s cheaper and comes with peace of mind.


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