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Updated on 25/1/2020

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The End goal of every business is to make profit through sales of its products and services. To acheive this goals there are steps to take.

For You to make Sales you need people to know about your product and services. Even if you produce the best of products without people knowing about it there is no way to makes sales much less of profit.

Hence, creating awareness about your product is a vital step in making sales ans then profit! Let MYREGISTRYWEDDING help you get that sales by putting your product or service in front of those that needs it.

Advertise with us today through FEATURED POST, BANNER, ARTICLE POST, AND MUCH MORE!

The GOODNEWS is that from NOW TILL MARCH 2020 the decision of how much you want to pay for your ads is up to you. ( Due to the large enquiries we,ve been receiving we are reverting back to our rates. Thanks for your understanding.)

Send a mail to to get Started! ADVERT ENQUIRIES ONLY!!!!

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