Why It is Important To Practice Self Love

What is self love


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Most times you are busy caring for others, taking care of their needs and watching out for them that you often forget to make out time for yourself.

It is very important as an individual to make out time for yourself on a regular basis to reflect on your life, spend time with yourself and do things that makes you happy.

Remember no one can love you more than the way you love yourself, so before you expect anyone to love you, you have to love yourself first. Make time for yourself and seek out things that makes you happy.

When you don’t practice self-love, you end up desperately looking for love from others which might lead you into toxic and unhealthy relationships especially with the opposite sex as you think you need such relationships to be truly happy, be loved and satisfied when in reality your happiness starts with you loving yourself which would in turn reflect in your life and would influence how others treat you.

Regardless of your experience in life, especially if you were abused as a child and was deprived of love and as a result desperately seek for that love as an adult, you might end up getting hurt in the process because you need to heal your soul of that traumatic childhood experience First by loving yourself. 

Creating moments just for yourself is awesome, it helps you relax, helps you reflect on your life, helps improve your personality and helps you indulge on things that makes you happy.

Regardless of how busy your schedule is, learn to practice self-love, it is essential and adds to your overall health and happiness.

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