How To Handle A Stubborn Child


In every children you have there must be that one that always stands out,perhaps he or she is very stubborn. A stubborn child is such a heartache as he or she hardly follows the rule and is always strong hearted and always wants thing his or her way.


Do not get angry or despise your stubborn child it would neither do you nor the child any good,instead show the child more love, you might have to use punishment or cane to set the child straight. It is said in the holy book that stupidness is tied to the heart of a child, so with patience and wisdom you will look for the best way to set the child straight.

Do not use too much of punishment or cane otherwise if the child gets use to it then the purpose of using it will be defeated. Sometimes you can also dialogue with the child and use real life experiences to explain to the child why being stubborn isn’t beneficial.

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