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Lady Diana Strechmark cream

Is stretch mark eroding you of your confidence or making you not to put on that beautiful dress you love? Well, you are not alone on this,most time stretch marks can be embarrassing depending on where you have it. Strechmarks are caused sometimes due to weight gain or during pregnancy , strechmarks are mostly found in the thigh,bre*st, abdomen,or upper part of the arm. Worst still strechmark is so stubborn to get rid of , there is a lot of product out there claiming to be treat strechmark, you will only realize you have been deceived after purchasing it, at best most of those product can make it look faint but not totally taking it away.




Well,I came across this product in the supermarket,no one marketed it to me,I just decided to get it and use it for my stretchmark, I really don’t use it regularly but it seems to work better than other products have used,see product below  perhaps you can give it a try.

Strechmark cream
Lady Diana

if you want to go the native way then you can use the plant below , I don’t know the name but you can see the picture below to help you recongnize it.The plant is easy to get as it grows as weed around the house. When you get the plant , grind it and apply it to the affected area, you can later then apply shea butter , if you do this regularly for about a month, you will see that your strechmark will fade off.


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