Reasons You Must Stay True To Your Commitment in Marriage



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In a world where there is so much selfishness, disloyalty and me first spirit, staying true to your marriage commitment might be a struggle.
Making a commitment is not as easy as keeping the commitment . On your wedding day you and your spouse were very happy and joyful as you made a vow to love ,cherish and be faithful to each other regardless of the situation. Can you wholeheartedly answer in the affirmative that you’ve stayed true to your vows?

Years down the lane how do you treat and interact with your spouse? Have your love for your spouse diminish, do you honestly value and appreciate your spouse or do you seize every opportunity to hurt your spouse by your words and action. Do you love to flirt with the opposite s3x or do you even prefer to spend time with your friends instead of your spouse. Do you get irritated by the sight of your spouse?

Do you complain about every thing your spouse does, and never seems to be satisfied with whatever he or she does. Do you even go as far as referring to your spouse as being old just because you are flirting with younger ones of the opposite s3x? what of complementing your spouse, when last did you compliment  your spouse, would you rather compliment others than compliment your spouse. Are you staying true to your commitment if you behave in this manner? of course not!

What if your spouse is ill, I mean has a terminal disease or is involved in an accident how do you react, are you initially loving but thereafter gives no attention and treat him or her as a burden, don’t forget you vowed to love your spouse both in sickness and in health , this is when to prove how committed you are to your vow. It is during tough times that you know the true character of a person.

Better it is not to make a vow than to make a vow and not keep it says the originator of marriage. Today marital infidelity is on the increase and couples seems to have throw caution in the wind in regards to this, do you have an affair and feel no remorse about it or do you betray your spouse love and trust and gives no damn about it.It’s time to retract your step and think about your life. No matter the situation you find yourself you must stay true to your commitment.

Another aspect of Commitment is courtship, have you been in courtship with someone for years with the promise of marriage, would you be staying true to your commitment if you come up with flimsy excuses and marry someone else. In life there is consequences for all we do. You will reap whatever you sow, if you sow commitment , you will reap peace of mind , a successful marriage and much more but if you sow betrayal , infidelity , and all the seed of non commitment in your marriage through your words and action you will definitely reap your reward for it.

The benefits of staying true to your commitment regardless of the situation far out weigh the temporary benefit or enjoyment you might have right now. It’s never too late to retract your step. Be faithful, loving, loyal ,selfless and always stay true to your commitment and reap it benefits in your marriage.


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  2. My husband was never committed,I had caught him several cheating on me with younger girls. He was obviously not in love with me any longer and I had to call it quit

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