PayPal Versus Payoneer Which Is The Best?




PayPal and Payoneer are two big players when it comes to payment system but have you ever wondered who is the best in the game? Today a lot of people sign up for either of this payment but sometimes are confused about which suits them the most. Today I will clarify some issues so you can be better informed to make your decisions. My clarifications here is based on my personal experience with the  two giant payment system PayPal and Payoneer.

Gone are the days when people makes poor decision , the Internet has made life easy for most people. Personally before I sign up for anything I always like to read reviews in order to know the pros and cons before I dive in. The days are gone when you have  little or no idea about what you are signing up for, the Internet is indeed a global village. You also have to be careful too when reading reviews because a lot of the reviews online are written by affiliates marketer, who write what will help them make sales.


I have decided to write out my experience to help you take the right decision and know which of them suits you.

My Experience with PayPal

I started using PayPal since 2014, to be quite frank their service is second to none, what I like most is their customer support, personally I have a zero tolerance to bad customer support maybe because I worked in an industry that lays so much emphasis on customer support for a decade. Their customer support responds quickly to enquiries and throughly address the issue at hand. I also love their buyer protection service , which means if your purchase is not delivered by the seller or the seller delivers something different from what you bought , you are eligible for refund. So you can have peace of mind when using their service knowing you ain’t going to loose your fund. It is also very easy signing up for the account.

They also allow you to add your Atm cards to your PayPal account which you use for your payment, you can add as much card as you want , this means you don’t need any card from them, so the issue of waiting for months to receive your card so you can run your account is ruled out. Well I had no issue  with their service until 3 weeks ago when I couldn’t make payment because their system was converting the payment based on my country’s currency and this was not acceptable by my bank, hence my transaction keeps declining.

How did they handle the issue? First I think a giant like them shouldn’t make customers face such a problem, there should be an interface where you can opt out which isn’t showing , even though they accepted the fault and said their technical team is working to get it resolved but I feel it shouldn’t exist in the first place. Especially if you are from Nigeria you are bound to face this problem but the good part of it is that pending when they resolve it , you can follow the following steps to opt out of it and start making your payment in USD;

1.Log in to your PayPal account.
2.Click Send & Request at the top of the page.
3.Click Pay for goods or services.
4.Enter the recipient’s email address and enter $1.00 AUD for the amount.
5.Click Continue.
6.Click ‘Other Conversion Options’ and select ‘Use My Card’s Conversion Rate’ or ‘Bill me in the currency listed.’
7.Click Next.

I was extremely impressed by their customer support, they responded swiftly to my mails, empatized  with me and were willing to proffer solution. They called me severally on the phone, there was a day I woke up in the morning and they have called me more than six times just to resolve the DCC ( Dynamic currency conversion) issue. On a scale of 1-10 , I will give them 10 for support. What more can a customer ask for than to get quick help when faced with challenge.

The major challenge I see with PayPal especially if you are from Nigeria is that you can not receive a payment via your PayPal account , which means you can only payout but can never receive due to their compliance with Nigeria financial regulations. So if you are the type that receives lots of payment and you are from Nigeria, this won’t work out with PayPal and this is where Payoneer comes in.

My Experience With Payoneer

When there was need for me to receive payment and I couldn’t do it with my PayPal account then I began to search online for alternative and that was when I stumbled on Payoneer . I made some few research, read reviews just to be sure before I dive in. The reviews seems quite reasonable then I decided to  sign up. Though their fees seems to be a bit high , since I needed it I signed up. Goodnews, you get a $25 dollar bonus once you receive up to $100 payment or refer a friend. This is real and they keep to their promise.

Well, after  I signed up,  I think it was in June and I was suppose to get my card in August, which is like 1month plus after requesting, but after the given date , I never received my card. I kept wondering why must the card take up to one month to arrive in the first place when without it you can’t run the account. Though they sent out mail requesting that I activate the card but I felt if a customer haven’t activated their card for a long time , they are suppose to put a call through to find out what the problem is and why the customer haven’t activated their card, that is what support is all about. After waiting for a month plus and there was no card coming I decided to make a second request which I am still waiting for as I write this.

Secondly I have a serious problem with their auto responder, I think customers complaints should be responded to immediately by customer support and not an auto responder who most times in my case never addressed my issues. Although they explained they use the auto responder so that customers can get quick response but i believe that can  still be done without an auto responder. There was a need for me to reach out to them when I didn’t see a particular payment in my account, the auto responder was so annoying, the phone number I saw online wasn’t going thru, chat agent kept me on the queue forever, it was like a dead end but finally a day after a support staff responded and they were kind enough to tell me they will fast track my card via international mail free of charge. Their fee when you receive payment is quite reasonable just 1% and they make it easy to receive mass payout and global payment in USD and you can transfer the money to your local account or withdraw it via atm although there is also a charge  attached to withdrawal and  checking of balance on the Atm.

Paypal and Payoneer both serves different purposes for each individual depending on the service you are looking for but for me no matter how good or bad a  service or product is what makes the most difference for me is support. Customer support can never be substituted, it is very important especially when you get to a bridge you can’t cross.

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31 Replies to “PayPal Versus Payoneer Which Is The Best?

  1. For receiving payment , even if you are a Nigerian you can receive payment with PayPal all you have to do is get a card from another country that can receive payment and add the card to your PayPal account. It’s that simple

  2. There was a time I had an issue with a merchant and the merchant was proving stubborn , thank god I made that payment through PayPal I was able to get my fund back

  3. Is difficult for me to make a choice, I am enjoying both services without no hassle or complaint. Both of them are good and efficient

  4. You are do right there is really nothing as terrible as bad customer support or talking to someone who has no knowledge or idea of how to solve your problem. Last week I had

  5. You are so right there is nothing as terrible as a bad customer support or talking to someone who can not help solve your problem or isn’t knowledgeable. Last week I had a problem with my bank account and I felt so dissappointed that the customer service lady doesn’t know anything and I keep wondering why is she there.

  6. Some of my friends told me that PayPal called them too, I guess Nigeria ain’t buying as before so they are calling up people to know what is happening

  7. I don’t like that Payoneer auto responder too even though in my case sometimes it addresses my issue, they might just have to reconsider it

  8. If you want to receive your Payoneer card fast, there are different options, so the option you choose determines how fast you get your card

  9. I see nothing wrong with the auto responder, first it makes you know that your enquiry was received and it directs you to where to get the needed information to solve your issue

  10. Both of them are very good in my opinion, it all depends on what a person wants. I have been using both for a long time now and I am very satisfied with both. Infact it will be very difficult for me to choose one over the other

  11. Payoneer buyer protection sucks. 12 days after the money was taken from my account, it is still showing as not received on the seller’s website.

    Neither the seller nor Payoneer are responding to my requests for information. Might be OK for sellers but, as a buyer, I will never use them again since I have no idea how to get my money back.

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