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Many times I have heard the phrase “life is too short” , I need to enjoy my life to the fullest. Most time people use this phrase to support their lifestyle which might not be acceptable to their friends and family. However, have you ever thought about that phrase ” life is too short”, does it mean any thing to you? even though most of us know that death is inevitable and could happen  anytime we still go about our daily lives without making any preparation for tomorrow .


As a husband what preparations have you made for your family in case of any unforeseen occurrence , I have seen families that were financially stable but after the demise of the husband the family left behind begins to suffer, just because there was no plan for tomorrow. I remembered a programme I listened to on a radio station were a woman called in and said before her husband died , he always wanted to tell her all his plans,the businesses he has, the insurance he has done and so forth but she never really listened as she felt it was not important until the inevitable happened, then she discovered she never planned for tomorrow. If only she had paid attention to the informations her husband was giving her then.

As couple you and your spouse must always plan for tomorrow, whether it has to do with your health, life or even your properties, proper planing can be done by getting an insurance . It’s a good thing that especially in Africa people are beginning to appreciate and value the importance of insurance and that is why quickteller has introduced a convenient and easy insurance plan to help you and your spouse prepare for tomorrow. It is very important that we do not forget tomorrow , do not live your life as if tomorrow will not come by not planning ahead. Do not wait till you, your spouse is or kids is critically ill before you make plans. Learn to plan ahead, plan  your tomorrow today to make life easy for you and your loved ones and for you never to be caught unaware and unprepared for the future.


Cease this opportunity being offered by quickteller and build a better future for your family, quickteller has provided different plans that would not eat deep into your pocket. To view the difference plans available  and choose the right one for your family click this link quickteller insurance. Share the love with friends and family by sharing this information with them , so that they took can prepare for tomorrow.

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15 Replies to “Quickteller Don’t Forget Tomorrow

  1. Ona ko owo oja ( one rd dosent lead to the market) especially with the hard times now everyone is thinking out of the box and expanding their cope

  2. I don’t understand, is it that they partnered with an insurance company and you can use the verve card to pay or is it that they handle insurance too

  3. This post reminds me of my school mate who I met after 5 years and I could not believe my eyes. She was one of the big girls in school, even though our school was very expensive and meant for the rich , her standard were higher than ours from her bag shoes, she travels every month. I was surprised when I saw her she was coming down from a bus. I felt I was dreaming by the time she narrated what happened to her family , honestly it was a case of not planning tomorrow . People should really learn to plan in order not to suffer tomorrow .

  4. All these insurance do they really pay when the need arise, it is then they will tell you to bring your geandfather’s head and your grategrandmother’s leg before you will get the benefits. I am not sure if they really work

  5. How much did they pay you for this???? You bloggers once the company pays you , you publish even if you are not sure it is working. Anyway I like Quickteller so far their services are good

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