Dstv Call Centre Hours, Toll Free Numbers & Payment Options

Dstv toll free numbers
Dstv toll free numbers

The top African entertainment and Tv destination Dstv has extended their call Centre hours, provided toll free numbers and many more channels of payment. I will always say it is one thing to have a product or provide a service and it is another to make this service easy for your customers to access and also provide a reliable and friendly customer support. Especially online there had been a decrease in customer support, companies and organizations just want to sell their products and most times are not really prepared to provide any support when their  customers are faced with any challenge with their product or services.


The annoying part is that sometimes their customer supports behaves as if they are doing you a favor by responding to your enquiries. Dstv has proven over time that they are space setters when it comes to customer support. Haven worked in an industry that takes customer support seriously for a decade, I  find it difficult to tolerate poor service and I always appreciate organizations that pays close attention to customer support and  that is why I am impressed with the level of support Dstv provides.

Their  customer support staffs  are friendly, knowledgeable and quick to provide solutions. Dstv has further shown that they have the interest of their customers at heart by extending their call Centre hours from 8am – 9pm what more can customers ask for? and this is weekend and holiday inclusive . Before this time extension,  they open their doors to customers from 9am -6pm from Monday  to Saturday, on environmental day they open on Saturday by 12pm-6pm and on Sunday by 10am-5pm. They have surely shown that their customers are their top most priority.


Another Good news is that they now have toll free numbers which means you can call them without having to worry about using  your call credit. This is a very good development. This would even help them improve their services as customers can easily call to make complaints and provide feedbacks. Most people do not have credits to waste calling customer support. Personally I have had one or two reasons to call customer support and before I was directed to a support agent my credit call have gone half way. This is really a welcomed development . You can call them on the numbers below;

Dstv toll free numbers
Dstv toll free numbers

They have also increased the various channels by which you can make payment, which means that you are not limited to one or two self service.

Dstv self service option
Dstv self service

There is nothing good as giving customers different options  so they can choose the one that suits them most. Personally I use Konga pay, it makes it very easy for me to pay with out using a card and it is secured as it uses two authentication, my pin and my OTP ( one time password). You can read more here about Kongapay and its benefits.

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36 Replies to “Dstv Call Centre Hours, Toll Free Numbers & Payment Options

  1. MRW you’ve said it all this days customer support is terrible and it seems it’s everywhere. The other day I went to a bank to complain about a debit in my account even though the debit wax very small but I have every right to know what’s happening in my account, you need to see how the customer support attended to me. Govt parastatals are the worst. Theirs is a story for another day.

  2. i do not see any goodnews in all of this, are they doing us any favor by doing all this, this is just for their organizational benefit don’t be fooled

  3. What I like most is the toll free numbers, I think most organizations should start doing the same. Most organizations you want to call and complain but when you think of the credit you will burn you will just leave it. So I love the idea.

  4. This is good but they should try and introduce pay as you go , I tell you Nigerians will be happy . Most time I get to pay for it but no light to watch it and yet it will expire and my money wasted. They should really think about it as they keep improving their services

  5. I am addicted to Dstv,everyone I know is addicted too, these people have made so much money in Africa , they are doing fine and it is good they think about their customers. I like them

  6. Times are hard , this move by dstv is it really about we the customer or for them. Well all in all it is s good move in the right direction. Kudos to them

  7. If they are extending the time that means they have a lot of customer complaints but should that be the case? Personally I think any organization doing very well interms of providing services or anything, if you are doing very well you should have less customers complaint and do not need any time extension . Anytime I want to reach an organization customer support and am hearing all the agents are busy for me is a signal of poor service or why would everyone be calling to the extent that no agent is available #amjustsaying.
    Anyway I have never had any encounter with dstv customer support so I really don’t know how they are but I like watching my Dstv

  8. Well I have never had any reason to call them and I really think there shouldn’t even be much customer complaint as their service function well

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