5 Reasons Men Wants A Working Wife

A newly married Bride
A newly married Bride

In our previous article is it wrong for a man to marry a woman with no financial income and  your interesting comments  has lead to writing this article – 5 reasons men wants a working wife. Marriage of course is a union of two individuals who work together for the success of their marriage , it is a union of two individuals who know it takes two to tangle . The success of marriage today does not depend on just you or your spouse but both of you. You both must always compromise and find a common ground only then can your marriage be successful .


The economic situation today it’s hitting hard on the family and as a result most couples struggle to sustain their family. Many years ago it was never disputed that it was solely the man’s responsibility to cater for the family while the woman stays back at home to take care of the family but with the financial burden today on the family this has changed and many men wants a financially independent wife. Let’s look at 5 reasons a man will easily opt for a working wife.

1. Economic Hardship – The economic hardship is hitting the family so hard and most families can not depend on only the income of the man to run the home, hence, to make the financially burden easy most men would prefer to marry or have  a working lady as wife.
This will lessen the burden on the man as he will get financial support from his wife and this would make life easy for him and his wife.


2. Financial  Independence – I would tell you a little story, this happened in my neighborhood while growing up. There was a couple they had just 1 kid both the couple was working , at a point the man told the woman to stop working so she can take good care of their child. She agreed but after a while the woman wanted to get back to work as she was not comfortable depending on the husband for everything, this caused a lot of trouble to the extent that the marriage almost collapsed. The wife listened to advises not to destroy her home and do the bidding of her husband . So she let go and continued being a house wife. Then the second and the third child came and before you know it, the man started complaining bitterly whenever she asked for upkeep, the burden became so much and eventually when the man lost his job , it was better imagined than said as there was serious financial crisis in the house and the marriage eventually collapsed. So men wants a wife they can fall back on if need be and not a woman who will depend on them for everything. It puts most men off.

3. Unforeseen occurrences – There is a saying that the only permanent thing in life is change. It can be either a positive or negative change and a successful person is not he who plans to fail but fail to plan. So In order to forestall any unforeseen circumstances which could even be death a man wants his wife to be working to earn income so that when he is not there , he would be rest assured that his family will not suffer.
4. To Earn Respect – In some family when a man brings home a girl he wants to marry , his family apart from being interested in the girl’s background, will want to know if she has a job, a source of income. God help the girl if the man is from a rich home and she has no job, she will automatically be tagged a gold digger. Most men wants a woman with a good job who will earn the respect of his family. His family will respect her more if they know she makes her own  money, that she is financially independent, this will  also make accepting her easier if there are no other issues.

5. Financial Progress – it is believed that when a couple who loves and understands each other plan their future together and they are both financially okay , the family will make notable financial progress quickly. Rather than been drawn back by a wife who depends on the man financially and reduces the lifespan of the man’s pocket thereby causing financial setback for him, the man will want a financially stable wife for the financial progress of the family .
Well, these reasons might be good enough for you as a man to want to marry a working wife but always remember that it is your responsibility to provide for the family and take good care of your wife and children.

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21 Replies to “5 Reasons Men Wants A Working Wife

  1. When I married my wife she wasn’t working but I noticed she always feels uncomfortable when any member of my family is around, but I noticed that when she started working her confidence level increased and she felt more comfortable around my family members.

  2. Well am not yet married but I think a woman should work even if it’s not a 9-5 job so that I case if anything happens to the man they won’t suffer.

  3. i agree with the writer that because of life’s uncertainty men wants their wife to work but sometimes some men make more than enough money that even in death the wife and children would not suffer

  4. with what most nannies and house helps are doing, I have an agreement with my wife for her not to work, so she can properly train the children . I am not super rich but with good planing we are able to live comfortable and I have put things in place so in case of any uncertainty she and the kids won’t suffer because she is not working.

  5. I don’t work, I get the respect I deserve from my husbands family , I am confidence and can standup to any body . Even if a woman works there is no guarantee in life for anything.

  6. I was once in the the situation where the guy I wanted to marry was from a wealthy home and I was tagged a gold digger just because I don’t have a good job. My husband stood his ground and married me.

  7. I would want my wife to work so that we can have more than one source of income, so that we can support each other financially anytime the need arise

  8. My case is the reverse , I lost my job and my mother in law would not give me a break even though my wife pleads with me to overlook her mother but it is not easy

  9. An idle mind is the devils workshop, keep your wife busy , you can open a supermarket boutique for her and she will still have time for you and the kids

  10. My wife is very stingy even though she earns triple of what I earn , she won’t bring out a dime of her money for anything in the house

  11. Even though my husband didn’t want me to work , I insisted that I want to work, now he is out of job and we now depend on my job , just imagine if I had listened to him and stayed at home

  12. Life experience have taught me it’s better one’z wife earns income no matter how little. Since I wanted my wife to take care of the children I opened a shop for her at home where she sells food stuffs. It keeps her busy when the kids have gone to school

  13. I am nether against nor support a wife working , I believe each family knows what is best for them. Even though I might say my wife should work later I might have reasons to tell her to stop and stay at home. Many factors affect each person’s decision

  14. School fees this days is very expensive except you do t want your kids Togo Tia school school, what of vacation? I alone can not provide all these comfort , do my wife would have to work but if I have my way and I earn a very fat salary I would prefer her to stay at home

  15. My wife isn’t working I am not bothered but the day she ever complains about our standard of living , she will join the work force faster than she ever thinks

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