From Groom To Fatherhood

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Marriage is a life long journey which you start as a groom with your bride. Along this beautiful journey you move from being a groom to a father, one of the purpose of marriage is to reproduce and it brings a lot of joy to you as the groom when a bundle of joy is added to the family and you are now called a father.

Fatherhood comes with its own responsibility , now you not only taking care of your wife alone but also your child. Fatherhood requires a lot of sacrifice and patience as you need to teach , provide and guide this young one in the journey of life and if you fail in this duty , it will not only affect your child, it will also affects your child’s generation and the society at large. How much time do you spend with your child as a father? Do you spend quality time with your child to know his needs, understand his worries and fears and guide him through. Do you bring your child up spiritually? What of discipline? Do you leave it for your wife to handle? There is a saying ” that train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows up he will not depart from it.


Fatherhood does not meaning spending lavishly on your child, taking him on vacation to very expensive destinations, dear friend don’t get me wrong as I am not saying that spending lavishly on your child is bad but fatherhood involves much more than that. Fatherhood is not about how much you spend or the most expensive places you take your child to rather it is all about molding and shaping the life of this young one to become a better person, who will be useful to himself and also to the society.
As you carry out your fatherly duties and also train you child always remember that a child learn easily from what he or she see, a child will act based on what he or she see you doing rather than what you teach. Are you a father that lies, abusive and have no respect or regard for your wife? Your child is watching you and regardless of what you tell him, he can see your behavior and that is what he will believe.

As you move from being a groom to a father aspire to be the best father you can be, remember that you are bringing up another future father or mother , hence the need for you to excel as a father. Remember only excellent fathers are celebrated on Father’s Day or who will want to celebrate a father that lead him or her astray, a father who was never there when he was needed, a father that never cared for his or her well being, a father who never cared for your emotional, spiritual, financial and physical well being, of course No one! Thus, as you journey through the life of being a father be the best you can be and leave a good memory for your child, so that your child will celebrate you forever whether it is Father’s Day or Not.

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17 Replies to “From Groom To Fatherhood

  1. If you ever break my fathers rule, you will have yourself to blame forever. When you keep his rule you are his friend but when you break it, he will so deal with you

  2. I have never seen my dad fight with mum, or scream at her , he has a very high standard.he is always calm when there is trouble

  3. Even though my father married 2 wives, there is peace in the house because of the kind of man he is. You will never hear quarreling or fighting in our house as expected from a polygamous home. We all live as one big family

  4. My father has a very long cane he hangs in the house, once he says bring my drink for me, he is referring to the cane and that means you are in serious trouble

  5. My father can respect people, whether old young rich or poor, he respects everyone and taught us his children the same

  6. My father once beat me that he has to rush me to the hospital as a result, after that day he never touched me again no matter what I did

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