Do Something Silly And Sweet To Make Your Partner Smile




Smiling is good for the body, scientist tells us  that laughter is an important part of life and very good for our health, hence, anything or anyone who can always amuse us can not be overlooked. Ordinarily you would love to be around someone that makes you smile and having a marriage partner that can make you smile it’s a treasure. In marriage making your partner smile is a good way of making your partner to always want to be around you. No one wants a partner who is always frowning, nagging or very serious.

Having a great sense of humour its very important and you can use it to spice up your marital relationship. When the situation in your home is tense putting up a silly act that can make your partner laugh can calm the whole the situation. You should be able to know what can make your partner smile, always remember that what can work for couple A might not work for you, so be very careful when pulling a prank on your partner and always choose the right time to do this.


I could remember seven years ago during our Anniversary there was this particular gift my partner promised to get for me, honestly I couldn’t wait for our anniversary to arrive and when the Big day finally arrived, to my surprise my partner gave me no gift and when I asked , I was simply told that he forgot to get it. I was so upset but I managed not to let my mood spoil the day. I woke up the next morning and beside me was the beautiful gift. You can not imagine my excitement , I laughed , I smiled , I screamed. I am sure if it was given to me when I asked for it my excitement couldn’t have been this much. This silly act from my partner was sweet and made me love him more.

Always find a way of doing something silly but sweet for your partner, it could be hiding his favourite snack or you could put a note in his pocket or the cup holder in his car full of funny and stupid puns just to make him laugh. Such silly but sweet acts goes a long way to strengthen your marriage.


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17 Replies to “Do Something Silly And Sweet To Make Your Partner Smile

  1. I had almost the same experience with you but mine was birthday, unknowing to me my husband kept the gift in my car booth, it was after 3 days when I went to the booth to get something that I found it before then I have vex very well for my husband not knowing he was playing prank on me.

  2. Doing silly things is good but you have to be sure if the type of partner you have. I will forget my friends experience as I told him the prank I played on my wife and he decided to try it on his wife. Infact he didn’t get to eat for one week as did wife was extremely angry and didn’t find it funny.

  3. I always like to go to my sisters place and this is because when ever am there there is a happy atmosphere because her husband is funny and always make everyone laugh. One day I was requesting for money from my sister and was complaining how the money finish quickly and from the room he screamed I have a rope for you, I was confused , I said rope for what, to help you tie your money to your ceiling fan when you get back to school so it doesn’t finish before you know it. I couldn’t help but laugh. Anytime I remember it I just keep laughing.

  4. I use to date a guy who thought he was funny, this is so annoying. I had to call off the relationship when I couldn’t stand him again.

  5. My wife is so difficult to please , if you try being funny she will complain, if you are not funny she will still complain. Am just tired of her

  6. My wife complain that I joke too much with the girls in our neighborhood , please is there anything wrong with that?

  7. My wife is very romantic , she knows how to pull a prank on me, if I don’t laugh, there is one particular word even if am dead angry I must laugh

  8. My wife called me last week and told me my girlfriend came to the house to show her she is carrying my baby, I should confess. I started begging her and apologizing . Can you believe she was only pranking me and now I had confessed so she caught me red handed. This prank thing can get one into serious problem

    1. @jerry it serves you right. You are so shameless and Not remorseful for you comment about it. I really pity your wife

  9. My sister inlaw likes playing some dirty sweet prank on me, in as much as I feel like stopping her I like it

    1. I am a woman and would never stop fighting for the womenfolk and correcting men of your type who do not hold their wife in high esteem

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