Handling Betrayal From A Loved One



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Trust is very important in whatever relationship you can think of, from husband and wife relationship, parents and children relationship, siblings relationship just to mention a few. Trust is the fuel that keeps a relationship running smoothly.When this trust is betrayed , how do you feel? Most importantly how do you handle it? There is a thin line between Trust and Betrayal.

Who really haven’t been betrayed? Most people have been betrayed but the difference in how you feel about it or handles it depends on the level of betrayal, the person who betrayed you and the bond between you both. When we are betrayed by someone we hold so dear, it hurts so badly that we may take some irrational decisions without looking back. It is very important that no matter how you may feel about a loved one betraying you, never make hasty decisions, particularly in regards to your relationship with your loved one that betrayed you. Have you taken time to think about the consequences of your decision?

What  if you try to stay away from such one or end your relationship without ever giving that person a chance again . Life they say it’s too short, what if the inevitable happens to the person such as death, would you be happy with yourself that you never made up with that person before his or her death?

No matter the betrayal, always find a place in your heart to forgive the offender, you can always learn from the betrayal and be more careful in dealing with that person rather than taking a hasty and harsh decisions that you might look back in the future and regret. Handling  Betrayal from a loved one is never easy but always apply wisdom and never make hasty decisions that years down the lane you would  regret. Remember that forgiveness is divine and it is also a precious gift that you can give to anyone who offends you.


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