Expression of Affection: See What The Bride’s Like About The Groom


Love they say is a variety of different feelings, It can refer to an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment. But how often do we express this feelings to the one we love? Does it really matter if you feel it but don’t express it?

In marriage , there are some little things we ignore that makes a lot of difference in the marriage. Most times these little things we ignore can make our partner love us more and even go the extra mile for us.

The truth is daily expression of our love for our spouse strengthens the relationship . So how much do you love your Groom or did you settle for the best available suitor, hoping to love him as time goes by?

A Bride left a comment saying this about her Groom “it’s sold out and Discontinued! What a lovely expression of affection. What abou you? what do you love most about your Groom? Let’s hear from you.



5 Replies to “Expression of Affection: See What The Bride’s Like About The Groom

  1. My sweetheart is heaven sent, he is the kind of man any woman would wish for, you can believe he helps me out with domestic work, he keeps nothing from me. Ade thanking you for loving me

  2. You are so handsome that I can’t stop admiring you every morning. You have the heart of an angel , I see you and my day is made. You always give me a shoulder to lean on. What can I possibly do without you. I will love you forever

  3. I love him because he loves me more. Even when his mother starts her trouble , he always defends and put his family in the right position. You are the best man ever joor

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