Are these Reasons Enough for Couples to Sleep in Different rooms?



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Is your partner sleep style has you headed for a separate room? Okay let’s look at some reasons couples sleep apart.

1.Your partner kicks in his or her sleep, waking you up—–is that you?

2. Your partner likes it hot but you like it cool.

3.Your partner snores, keeping you up at night

4. Your partner tosses and turn

5.Your partner loves to cuddle, but you like your space while you sleep

6.Your sleep schedules don’t match

7.Your Bedroom feels more like an office than a place to sleep.

what are your own reasons, do you feel they are enough to make couples sleep separately?


2 Replies to “Are these Reasons Enough for Couples to Sleep in Different rooms?

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  2. The truth is that sometimes it maybe challenging but I personally feel it’s better you both sleep together. Like me my husband sweats a lot at night even with the ac on but I kind of deal with it.

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