Kylie Jenner Accused Of Copying PluggedNYC Camo Designs

Kylie Jenner is having it hot after she released her new line of camo two piece line. The indie label PluggedNYC has accused of her copying their Camo designs and claiming she owns it.

PluggedNYC camoFlaugue
PluggedNYC camo

The PluggedNYC founder Tizita Balemlay went further to post receipt showing Kylie ordered from them and then copied the style.

This tweeter user @DariousMason1 definitely disagrees with Tizita that Kylie copied/stole her designs, see his tweet well pluggedNYC isn’t saying She invented camo, read what she wrote;

Do you agree with PluggedNYC? , well see what others think

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