Why You Should Dress Decently

Nudity has become the order of today,everyone wants to show off what they’ve got while some have seen it as a ladder to success and fame. Most Upcoming female artist and actor try to gain fame by wearing indecent dress and exposing all parts of their body that ought to be covered.

There is nothing wrong with being fashionable but when fashion gradually turns to madness then care has to been taken. I saw a picture on #Facebook today an I kept wondering what kind of responsible lady would wear that out. The lady was wearing a transparent dress,I mean completely transparent and you can see all her undi*s,it was so disgusting to say the least.  The world has really gone Gaga!

This is the era of nudity as people go nude in the name of fashion, they unapologetically wear scanty clothe that can barely cover their body and all sort of transparent cloth that shows their whole body and worst still is the leaking of nude pictures over the internet and sometimes by the individuals themselves just to get fame,what a shame.

You must know that people are addressed by the way they are dress, so if you dress indecently expect to be treated  like a street girl, even though there is no excuse that can justify rape but the way you dress can ignite such immoral thought in the mind of a man knowing that men are easily moved by what they see.

Most Men would like to date a girl who bares it all by dressing indecently but the truth is when it’s time for marriage they would look for a girl who dress decently and cover up,so what would you have benefited by dressing nude. Men are also affected when it comes to indecent dressing, it’s even more shameful when you see a married man who is a father dressing in such manner. Some would wear a jean torn from the beginning to the end and they will say it’s fashion while some will be sagging,it’s even more annoying when they sag and show off dirty boxer.

Whether you are a man or woman know that decent dressing shows your class,maturity and earns you respect but nudity or indecent dressing will get you nothing but flings here and there,perhaps temporary fame which will definitely fade away with time.

You can be very fashionable while dressing decently,let people see your class,maturity and respect you through your dressing. Be a role model to others through your dressing and let people address you exactly the way you’ll like to be addressed because of your modest dressing.

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