Focus On This When Thinking About Your Partner?

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The Heart is like a warehouse which receives and distributes supply. Your attitude, character and goals in life is warehouse in your heart. Most times you do not act spontaneously but instead you act based on what you have been feeding your heart. Hence, It is very important that you guard your heart and fill it with wholesome thoughts especially in marriage as marriage has its challenges which you can overcome only if you have been filling your heart with wholesome thoughts.

In marriage your partner is the closest person to you and most times your partner can be a source of joy and sadness to you but how you positively handle whatever your spouse offers you emotionally depends extensively on what you focus on when you think about your partner. It is not abnormal in marriage to be offended by your partner or for your partner to get you angry but how do you handle such situation when it arise? First, you must always show forgiveness to your marriage mate and this can be achieved easily when you focus more on the positive attitude of your partner when you think about your partner rather than dwelling on the things your partner does wrong to offend you otherwise you will find it difficult to overlook even the smallest of your partner’s error.

When thinking about your partner focus more on how you can be a better partner, how to make your marriage better and how to make your partner feel you were a right choice and that your partner made no mistake in getting married to you. Think about ways to spice up your relationship or new ways to profess your love for your partner. Do you know your partners goal? focus on your partner’s goal and think of how to help your partner achieve his or her goal. Do not waste your energy feeding your heart with hateful thoughts about your partner no matter how much he or she has hurt you, do not think about ways to be in control of your partner so that your partner will always do what you want.

Remember positive thoughts about your partner makes it easy for you to forgive and overlook your partner’s error. Learn to guard your thinking and your heart diligently because out of it comes both positivity and negativity which can either make or break your marriage .

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