How To Handle Loneliness In Marriage


I could remember the first time I heard the phrase ” married but single” I kept wondering what it meant or how could a person be married and yet be single. Have you heard that phrase too? Did you feel the same way I did? Well, now I know better, emotional or s3xual starvation in marriage can leave a partner feeling lonely as if he or she was still single and had no companion but yet married.

Marriage is meant to be a comfort zone for couples, a place where your emotional needs are taken care of and your partner a companion who gives you the attention and affection you need. Marriage should be a union of two people striving to make each other happy. But sadly this is not the case in most marriage, couples today tend to neglect their relationship in pursuit of material wealth thereby creating loneliness in their marriage. There is happiness in marriage when couples are emotionally attached and there is romance in the marriage. What happens when you are lonely and not emotionally attached to your partner? Or how would you handle loneliness in your marriage?

The first step is to have a heart to heart talk with your partner. Never make the mistake of seeking for emotionally attachment outside your marriage as this can be very disastrous. Let your partner know exactly how you feel, let him or her know you are being deprived of attention and affection and that you feel lonely in your marriage. Be specific when expressing yourself and reach an agreement with your partner on how best to resolve this.

Secondly, you can organize a get together with other married couples or a beach picnic where you can spend wholesome time with other couples, make sure you invite your partner as this can help spice up your relationship. Whenever you feel lonely, you can also spend time with family and friends who stays nearby.

You can also wade off loneliness in your marriage by getting yourself occupied any time you feel lonely. Do you love reading books? Books such as Leaving Loneliness: A Workbook: Building Relationships with Yourself and Others  can be worthwhile. You can also watch wholesome movies and more importantly use this lonely period to get closer to your creator.
Never than before it is very important not to neglect your partner or take your marital relationship for granted as many marital relationships are going through crisis. Love more, spend more time with your partner, treat your partner in a special way and avoid room for loneliness in your marriage.

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  1. I am guilty of this, I barely spend time with my wife. It’s work work work for me. You know how women are when you can’t meet their needs, so it’s better for me to hustle well so I can satisfy her needs

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