Is It Wrong For The Husband To Do Domestic Work At Home?


Marriage is a lifetime journey and how beautiful and interesting this journey will be is up to you and your spouse. Fulfilling and being committed to your roles in the marriage makes the journey a lot easier. Although the roles seems not to be clear this days especially when it comes to financial matters, sometimes the finances of the home is shared 50-50 by the couple. The question is can this also be applied to the domestic work in the house?

Women seems to be burdened by a lot of responsibilities in the household, from supporting the husband financially, to taking care of the children, preparing meals, doing laundry, taking care of your needs in bed and much more. Do you think as a husband there is something wrong in sharing some of the house cores with your wife to relieve her of the domestic stress. In some culture it is an abomination for a husband to be seen doing household cores, when this happens it is believed the woman has charmed him. Well, if you have vowed to love your wife and you both have become one flesh, do you think you will be showing her love by allowing her to be saddled with the domestic work in the house. Don’t you think if she can share your financial responsibility with you and if it isn’t an abomination to do so, it is only right you assist her too in doing the cores at home. Come to think of it, is the house in question not your home, is there anything wrong in helping out in your home?

It’s really so amazing how you as a husband will come back early from work before your wife and yet still wait for her to come home much later and prepare food for you, have you tried for once to put yourself in her shoes and imagine how tired she will be and yet you still wait for her to come back home  and prepare food for you. Don’t get me wrong , I am not saying it is wrong for the woman to prepare food when she comes back from work but you must be reasonable enough to know when to let go and help her out. Do not let your ego rub you of the joy you will bring to your wife by helping her out with the house chores, if only you knew how she will feel, she will even accord you more respect for extending a helping hand to her and proving to her not only in words but in action that you love her.
It’s never too late to change, if you have not been assisting your wife with the domestic work, start today and see the difference it will make in your marriage.


11 Replies to “Is It Wrong For The Husband To Do Domestic Work At Home?

  1. My husband is very lazy when it comes to domestic work, when you see him in the kitchen is to eat meat nothing else

  2. The problem is that mothers don’t train this our husbands when they were young to do domestic work instead they will over work the girls in the house. That is why most oft he husbands find it difficult to do domestic work

  3. My wife can vouch for me I help with changing the baby diapers, bathing the children and dressing them up for school, she always praise me that ism trying

    1. @ olawale no problem but I just hope that you take care of the finance in your house all by yourself. If you don’t then you should be ashamed of yourself

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