Four Roles Husbands Should Do At Home


Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility, and each couple has a required role to play to make the marriage successful. There is a saying that it takes two to tangle therefore it is important for each of you to know your role in the family and carry it out. It’s not enough to know this roles but each of you must ensure you work together to achieve your roles in the family.Though this does  not mean that from time to time you can not take on your partner’s role when required and by mutual agreement. In  this article we would look at four specific roles required of a responsible husband  towards his marriage mate and children.

In his book ” Bringing up boys” Dr James Dobson mentioned the four roles men should play at home.
The first is to Serve as the family provider.No one disputed fifty years ago that it was a man’s responsibility to be the ‘breadwinner ‘ but this is less clear today,which is unfortunate.Even though the majority of wives and mothers work outside the home,it is still a mans charge to assure that the financial needs of the family are met.

The second is to Serve as the leader of the clan or home.This role became highly controversial with the rise of the women’s movement, but it was rare challenged before the 1960s. It was often said in those days that two captains sink the ship and two cooks spoil the broth. Admittedly this headship role was abused by selfish men who treated their wives with disrespect and their children as chattel,but that was never the way this assignment was intended to function.Husbands are meant to love their wives as their own body, being willing to sacrifice their lives for them.They are also not to treat their children harshly .That system generally worked well for thousand of years.

The third is to Serve as Protector.He shielded his family members from outside world and taught them how to cope with it successfully.He was the one family members came to when they feel anxious or threatened.If another man tried to abuse or insult his wife, he would defend her honor. It was his responsibility to see that the house was safe at night and that the children was home at a reasonable time.Each member of the family felt a little more secure because he was there.

Finally, the fourth was to provide Spiritual direction at home.It was his obligation to read the scriptures to his children and to teach them the fundamentals of their faith. He was the interpreter of the family’s moral code and sacred rituals, and he makes sure the children goes to the place of worship every week.
I totally agree with Dr Dobson on this, what do you think?
Unfortunately each of this four roles have been ridiculed and attacked by postmodernists and their allies, as a result most fathers have a poor concept of what they are supposed to do or how to get it done.
If you are a Dad, Father or Husband reading this, do you practice the above roles? Are you effective or ineffective. The choice is yours.

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  1. The economic situation has made most fathers to leave the disciplining and training of the children to the wife while they pursue material things

  2. This days there is interchange of responsibilities by husband and wife, sad enough most wives are usurping the husbands responsibility

  3. There is nothing like having a man In the house, it gives this feeling of protection. I really hate my husband traveling out

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