Reason Men Don’t Want A Boss Lady As Wife



Have you ever heard the word ” my husband is jealous of my success” are you familiar with that voice? That is the voice of a Boss lady, a boss lady is that wife who earns much more than her husband, she is at the hem of affairs in her organization, she is at the top of her career, she commands a lot of respect at her organization, she is feared by many and give orders on how things should be run in her organization. One should expect that a man would want such a woman who has attained this level of success as a wife but reverse is the case. Why is this so?

First the originator of marriage made man the head of the family and most men feel challenged and threatened if their wife earns much more than they do , unfortunately some women too do not also help matter by behaving as if they are competing with their husband just because they earn much more than him. Some of them bring the boss lady attitude from work to the house. They forget that even if they control men like their husband at work that the Homefront is different. They have forgotten that no matter how rich they may be, the man is still their head and they must be submissive to him. Apart from that the moment they get married they have become one flesh so whatever she think she has rightly belongs to the man.


Secondly most wife who are boss lady find it difficult to submit to their husband, the man seems worthless before them because they control and are feared by men in their organization, hence they see their husband as just one of their staff. When they are always rude and the man can’t take it no more, they will say the man is jealous of their success.A man wants a wife who will respect him and treat him like a king no matter how much she earns or her level of success in her career.

Thirdly boss-lady always have their job or career as topmost in their mind, it is their first priority even before their husband, they are workaholic and always strive to be the best and reach higher level in their job at the expense of their husband. They are hardly at home, they hardly prepare meals by themselves for their husband and to worsen the situation they hardly submit on the bed. When the man wants it they give excuses. They hardly give the husband the attention he needs thereby frustrating the man. The man ends up spending more time with helps at home rather than with his wife.

A boss-lady hardly discuss the family finances with the man as she feels there is no need for that since she can pay the bills. Dear wife , you can still be the boss lady at work and yet be the best wife any man can wish for. Always know where to draw the line. Let your headship stop at your office, your home is not an extension of your office. Submit to your husband, don’t ever compete with him, never have your “money my money attitude”. Know that what ever each of you have belongs to both of you so there is nothing like , it’s my money rather it’s our money. Learn to give your husband the attention he deserves, as much as possible prepare his meal and do his laundry, he will always appreciate it. Spend quality time with him and take care of his intimate need so that he is not tempted to go else where to get it. Remember be a Boss-lady at work , be a wife at home, love and respect your husband so that you both can lead a successful married life.

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  1. My boss in the office she treats her husband like her houseboy, he will carry her bag for her and be running errands for her just because she makes more money than him

  2. Ever since I lost my job and my wife fends for the family she no longer respects me , she is now the husband while am the wife

  3. I think it depends on understanding, my wife earns more than I do, Infact she earns 3 times what I earn and yet there is love and peace in my house. It all depends on the foundation of your marriage

  4. My husband suffers from self esteem, anything I do is seen as being arrogant to him, I try my best to be submissive but yet he frustrate me and then say I am proud because I earn more than him

  5. I stopped going to my brothers house because I can’t stand his wife, she is so rude and pompous. Imagine her telling me her brother inlaw to wash her clothe and undies, what rubbish. I left their house in anger and vowed never to go back

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