Hurray!!! Myregistrywedding Celebrates its First Year Anniversay


Whoa!! Myregistrywedding is one year old today, it all seems like yesterday . A year ago this dream was conceived and the journey began, the platform for couples to publish their registry wedding was launched. It was unique in its own way as it was different from the regular gossip ,entertainment, Wedding , etc Blogs . With it uniqueness came a lot of work, chai!! I have missed my night sleep o!

Each week over 3000 pictures are uploaded, sometimes I wonder how I do all these, a lot of work goes into editing , uploading and tagging the pictures. All these won’t have been possible without the kind and appreciative words from my couples. The feedback I get from them it’s awesome. I want to say a Big thank you to all my readers and couple who has consistently made out time  to visit the site. I also appreciate all those who has left a comment ( we’ve had about 4000 comments) not so much though!

One thing I have learnt during this one year is that you must be passionate about whatever you are doing, if you do not have passion for whatever you are doing and probably  your main focus is to make money, sooner or later you will give it up if the money isn’t coming. My passion for this has made me keep on working so hard, regardless that it generates nothing. It brings me so much joy especially when I receive mails from couples telling me how i’ve  made their registry wedding memorable, honestly this feeling can never be compared to money. Secondly I have also learnt that whatever dream you have , stop procrastinating make it a reality because the opportunity you have today might never present itself tomorrow or ever again.Yes, it would be so rough and difficult at the beginning just as it is for me now but I tell you it’s just a passing phase with hardwork and God’s blessing. When you are passionate about it, it even becomes much easier.

There is still a lot more that needs to be done as the journey continues, this is our first year and we hope to still be here 20years from now, bigger, stronger and most importantly create job opportunities by recruiting. We also look forward  to ways of appreciating couples who has taken the right step by legalizing their union through mouthwatering Giveaways.

Okay enough of the story abi? It’s  getting boring. Oya we are giving away Airtime to everyone who leaves a comment on this post today. Feel free to tell us what you particularly like about this site or ways we can improve, anything at all you write, you have won free Airtime.

76 Replies to “Hurray!!! Myregistrywedding Celebrates its First Year Anniversay

  1. Happy one year Anniversary MRW, many many more years and still counting… May God grant your heart desires.. congratulations

  2. I kept on reading where you talked about passion and making your dream a reality, thanks for the encouragement and congrats

  3. You are right, MRW is very unique, I haven’t heard and I don’t think something like this exist in this Nigeria , everyone wants the easy way out , copy and paste but you have come to make a difference. Very soon you shall be bigger than you ever expect.congrats

  4. When you published our registry wedding, the first thought that came to my mind is how do you handle all the uploading and everything because I have a brother who is a photographer and I know how tedious it could be. My prayer for you is that God will continually strengthen MRW and this would not be the last of your Anniversay

  5. It’s beautiful when you have a passion for what you do and this is only what can take anyone far, it’s obvious you are going to be big , it’s just a matter of time since you are passionate about it but I hope you don’t forget us all who are showing you love today when your millions start coming

  6. Happy Anniversary , the funniest thing is no one notices you now that you are still struggling but once you hammer all the stars will see you, companies will want to associate with you. It is well, keep doing What we love , may God bless you for touching lives with this self sacrificing work. My love, prayers are with you MRW today

  7. Congrats MRW , wishing you many more years of anniversary but I noticed there hasn’t been any giveaways this year, when should we expect this

  8. Happy Anniversary to MRW, i was a great 2015 and i believe 2016 will be greater. Every journey start with a step and has you take the step further you are going higher. Thanks you for 2015 treat. The Arowolo’s will always be grateful.

  9. Happy Anniversary to MRW, it was a great 2015 and i believe 2016 will be greater. Every journey start with a step and has you take the step further you are going higher. Thank you for 2015 treat. The Arowolo’s will always be grateful.

  10. Happy Annivasary to MRW. I am using this medium to thank you guys for being part of my wedding. Big thank you for the meal voucher you gave us, it was a nice experience. The salawus

  11. The families of Bamidele and Ayilara is indeed happy to be a part of the anniversary of MRW_More success IJN. For your weddings,parties,events get intouch with MRW and you would be glad u did

  12. Most blog don’t survive the first year, for you to make it up till now and continuously provided quality content, you are surely here to stay . Congrats and I wish you many more years of celebration

  13. Congrats, I think you guys need to create more awareness, a lot of couples will like to use this type of platform if only they are aware. Nice job you guys are doing

  14. Uniqueness always stands out, you may think no one notice you but that’s not true. The uniqueness of this site will take it places

  15. Happy anniversary but my only advice is don’t get distracted, concentrate, Maitain your uniqueness and grab opportunities as they come but pls don’t get involve in govt fund o. Honestly myregistrywedding team is doing a good work

  16. You are like a flower in its budding stage, when its sprouts even the enemies can’t cover it down . We would be here with MRW all the way

  17. Okay I think you need to improve in advert, I mean making many people to know about this site, it’s very important. I feel what you are doing is a goldmine if only a lot of people especially Nigerians can know about it. Have you guys thought about reaching other states? It’s necessary so that more people will know about it.

  18. Whoever came up with the idea of registry wedding is a genius, I like it when you can identify a gap and quickly seize the opportunity. My prayer is that you would have made a lot from before the copycats come in

    1. I agree with you, I also hope so because some people’s work is to copy someone else idea. They have brain but not for thinking

  19. It was so hectic at work yesterday, so couldn’t visit the site, surely this is goodnews and I pray this year will be filled with goodnew for MRW

  20. Thanks for your regular prayer through mail and the great articles to assist couple, I particularly like the one on infidelity the way out. Thanks for the good work

  21. I love the idea of the site but you urgently need to spread your tentacle, the more popular you become, the more opportunities

  22. I think you should use a celebrity to project it more, people will easily identify with the brand when you use a celebrity

  23. Don’t worry about the fact that it has not generated anything as you said in your write up , I tell you your time is coming. Just keep up the good work

  24. I was expecting a lot of goodies o as sent in the mail, ok no pro I will make do with the airtime, next year will be bigger .congrats MRW

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