Secret of How To Make Your Spouse Do More For You


When I was young , there was a small super mart near my home, I always go there to make my purchase but I noticed that even though their prices where slightly higher than those of other people, I will still buy from them. Severally I got into trouble with my mum as she does not understand why I would prefer to leave other shops where I could get those item for a cheaper price. Honestly at that time, I couldn’t also fathom the reason why I always go back there irrespective of their price.

As i grew older I realized it was the appreciation shown to me that took me back there. Yes! The other shops sold at a cheaper price but never appreciates my patronizing them. I noticed that each time I go to the shop, the sales person was always willing to assist and he will always say “Thank you for coming, please come back next time” he never misses those words regardless of how many times I visit the shop in a day . When I was much younger those words from the sales person really didn’t matter to me and I also kept wondering why do you have to thank me for buying what I need but as I grew older it made more sense and I realized that was the reason I kept going back.

Can you relate my experience to your relationship with your spouse ? Today because of the hustle and bustle of life we tend to ignore some important things in our relationship. When last did you appreciate your spouse for his or her effort in the home ? How often do you appreciate your spouse? or do you always feel that your spouse it’s just doing his or her duties as a husband or wife. Dear friend, you are very wrong if that’s your view , do not forget that there are other spouse In other homes who are not doing those duties expected of them , hence you must always appreciate your spouse for carrying out their duties by expressing it in words.
Secondly when you do not show this appreciation to your spouse for doing their duty at home and also being ready to assist your spouse when the need arise ,they might be enticed when they receive those appreciation outside.
Going forward, make it a duty to thank your wife or your husband for doing their duties at home and assist each other when necessary and just like the Yoruba adage that
says ” if you thank someone for what he has done today, he will do more tomorrow” your spouse will go out of their way to do more than you expect for you and the children.

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