What Does Husband Service Mean To You?



Today most organization do not joke with customer service as they realize that it is their core of existence. They have realized that Customer service is that unique aspect of any business that either makes it a huge success or marks its unavoidable failure.

Do you know , that just as customer service is very important to an organization , in like manner it is also needed In the family. I have decided to call it Husband service , because the husband is as important to the existence of the marriage as a customer is to a business ,  so how well do you service your husband? . The first customer so to say in your home is your husband. The first thing you do to a customer , is to greet before any other thing. Do you greet your husband when you wake up in the morning? Or you wake up and just go about your daily routine. Just imagine doing that to your customer at work, how would your customer feel?
Imagine saying this to your husband in the morning:good morning honey( whatever pet name you use) how was your night? Hope you slept well and perhaps add a kiss to it, how do you think he will feel ? Happy of course!
Unfortunately most wife don’t do this but when they get to work they make sure they greet all their colleagues but forget to do this to the most important person in their life.
How well do you take care of him, just as you try to make your products attractive to your prospective customers in the same vein you have to make your husband presentable at all times by taking good care of him.

Do you pay attention to his clothes, do you do his laundry or you leave it for him to sort it out by himself. Do you pay attention to his looks ? Do you pamper him? The truth is your husband is your first baby and as such you must continuously pamper him and make out time for him. If you do not become a good husband service bride , just as in the corporate world where a dissatisfied customer will easily move to another organization to get good customer service , the younger girls out there may take over and provide the service. So it very vital to know your husband’s need and continuously provide it.


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