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Voting Opens: MRW Best Couple Of The Month



Voting for The Best Couple of the Month Competition(BCMC) starts today and will end on the 10th of December. Do not miss this great opportunity as this would be the last for this year before we now proceed to the Best Couple of the year which has a mouth-watering prize.

This competition is opened to all our couples and there is no minimum number of votes required. Remember that friends and family voting for you must indicate in their comment that you are the best couple of the month.


See you on the Winning Side.





  1. funmi funmi
    November 25, 2015    

    You people are just scams, deceiving people to click on a link to get free meal voucher. Why not come out straight that you need traffic on your site, instead of deceiving people. RUBBISH!!!!

  2. Tola Tola
    November 26, 2015    

    Well I think everyone is entitled to its own opinion, as for me though i have never participated butI have never thought or believe it’s a scam. I come to the site most times and I even took my time to watch the videos of the winners. I could remember when I was approached at the Registry that you guys want to publish it , I was a bit sceptical especially because it was free but when I saw my pictures I was actually amazed by the good works you people did for free. All I can say is Welldone to your team. I have never commented on this blog but I was moved after reading that mail.

  3. lynn lynn
    November 26, 2015    

    How does giving a free meal voucher in return for traffic on their site a means of deceiving people? Anybody with half a brain would know that most websites want traffic on their site in other to gain popularity and make profit later…i aee what they are doing and i admire their courage to try to try to grow their business in times were everything is now a hustle by coming up with the idea of registry weddings and also offering freebies alongside. Kudos!!

  4. Bunmi Bunmi
    November 26, 2015    

    Some people needs to be ignored, I am sure the person who wrote this doesn’t follow this blog. I don’t even understand how someone would leave such a comment on a site that gave you free publishing of your Registry wedding. Honestly I tire for some people. Anyway I don’t believe it’s a scam

  5. Laura Laura
    November 26, 2015    

    I give it to MyRegistrywedding , if it were some site they won’t publish the comment. It shows their level of honesty. No, no no it’s not a scam

  6. Tosin Tosin
    November 26, 2015    

    I totally agree with Lynn , I don’t understand how people put their ignorance on display. She should at least have participated and win and then see if they will give her the voucher or not. She should take several seats back abeg

  7. Kate Kate
    November 26, 2015    

    Honestly I thought common sense was common till I saw this, she should quickly get some from Ben Bruce. I am totally disappointed in such a comment.

  8. Veeky Veeky
    November 27, 2015    

    It’s people like this that pull one down, everytime I come to this site I give it to the brain behind this wonderful idea. People should be careful of what they comment. It’s not fair to destroy someone else hardwork due to mere ignorance. My dear, it is no scam, next time get your facts correct before you comment, you hear.

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