MRW Meal Voucher Give Away


MRW Meal Voucher Winner
MRW Meal Voucher Winner

MRW is giving away three meal vouchers this month! Yes !! Not 1,2 but 3 this month. Due to the mail we received from some couples that the time frame given for the last giveaway was too short so this giveaway would start from today 30th June to 31st of July.

2 of the vouchers would go to our couple while 1 would go to our readers. Hope that is fair enough. To participate a couple/ reader needs a minimum of 500 votes.

To vote, comment with # MRW MVG  is Mr & Mrs .... Or MRW MVG is your name, example MRW MVG is Tayo.

This means that your friends and family voting for you can also vote for themselves. So it is a Win, Win situation for everyone.

MRW Winners of the Best Couple of The Month are excluded from this giveaway .

See you at the Top!!



  1. Thank God MRW you have remembered us your readers, everything has always been for your couple as if we your readers don’t matter.

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