Reason Wives Love A Humble Husband


Humble husband

Are you a harsh and dictatorial husband or are you a caring and loving husband who  honours his wife? In some cultures a husband’s authority is over emphasized, so that even to ask him a question is considered disrespectful.He may treat his wife almost like a slave. A husband desiring a happy family life is not harsh and dictatorial, wrongly using his headship as a club to browbeat his wife.

most wife would agree with me that it’s easier to show love and respect the headship of a modest and humble husband than that of a proud and stubborn one.

when last did you admit your mistake and apologize to your wife,even though the words ”I’m sorry;  you were right  might be difficult to say but humility would make you say it and when you do you earn your wife’s love and respect. In turn she would also find it easy to apologize when she is in error.A wife has fine attributes that she can use in contributing to a happy marriage, it is only s humble husband that will recognize this  and will not stifle her.The capable wife has many wonderful qualities and excellent talents that her family can benefit from but the family can only benefit from this if the husband creates an enabling environment.

A wife wants a husband that is mild-tempered and lowly in mind, a husband who would be a source of refreshment to her soul. Humility will help a husband to have these attributes,thereby making him a successful family head.

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