Should A Wife Take Up The Headship Role?

Marriage can seem extremely complicated because of insurmountable marriage problems that people face but God does not want us to be over whelmed.God has provided a laid down guide to help couples experience fewer problems and enjoy their union. One of such rules is women being humble and submissive to their husband.A wife shows submission to her husband when she allows him to take leadership in the relationship as his position as leader is divine.
Submission for a woman involves putting herself under the leadership of a man, it also means being a subordinate in a relationship. There are times it might be difficult for the woman to submit to her husband, perhaps because the man does not deserve it but the woman must always submit as she is not submitting to her husband but to God.
Submission from a woman to her husband makes it easy for the man to exercise his headship
in a loving and godly manner, it also brings about peace in the home.

13 Replies to “Should A Wife Take Up The Headship Role?

  1. In this age of independent women , you discover that most of the women that are financially okay hardly submit to their husband .

  2. I had a neighbor whose wife works in the bank but the man is struggling. You need to see how she behaves. She embarrass the man.

  3. The truth is that submission is not easy for women that is the reason God told them to submit not love because women can love easily. I also believe that if a man love and respect his wife , his wife would totally submit to him.

  4. Some men make it difficult for you to submit to them. How do you submit to a drunk. That would only take the grace of God

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