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Reason Parents Must Avoid The Use Of Abusive Words

Reason Parents Must Avoid The Use Of Abusive Words

As a parent you are a role model to your child,your child will likely grow up to take after you,hence this call for caution on your part in regards to your attitude. Your child is watching you and will probably decide on what is good or bad based on your actions. You cant just carry […]

This Is Why You Must Not Quit When You Face Challenge


Many has walk the pathway of success and have given up! Some are still struggling on the path, while some are making up their mind on giving up, where do you find yourself in these? Truly becoming successful is no child’s play and it takes a lot of effort, courage, persistence, consistence and focus to […]


Why You Must Always Forgive Your Partner

Why You Must Always Forgive Your Partner

In relationships it is difficult not to offend your partner,sometimes love is never alone to pull a relationship through. You may love your partner but if your partner constantly offend you by doing things you don’t like,love alone might not be able to keep your relationship. Just imagine you catch your partner cheating on you,even […]

Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water In The Morning

The truth is that sometimes what you spend so much more looking for is there before your very face in its natural form but it’s often overlooked because of its simple nature and warm water is such. Warm water has a lot of health benefit and am sure after reading this you won’t want to […]

Guitar Centre For All Your Music Need


Music is essential to life, music can help lift your soul when you are sad and music brings life to an occasion, just imagine attending a wedding where there is no music, how would you feel? This days  a lots of people love to use live band in their wedding which gives one the opportunity […]


Three Symptoms That Shows You Have Arthritis


It was once believed that arthritis was a disease for the old but same can not be said today as the disease seems to affect people of different age. Arthritis causes a lot of pain and unimaginable discomfort and that is the reason you have to look out for its sign early enough to prevent […]

4 Signs Of Maturity

4 Signs Of Maturity

Change they say is the only permanent thing in life so as you grow there is a need to adjust your way of thinking and your way of life. Maturity has nothing to do with age as sometimes a younger person might act more maturely than an older one in a given situation. Are you […]

Why You Must Walk Through Life Dificulties With Your Partner

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From time to time each person is face with difficult times and at this time there is need for a shoulder to lean on. One of the benefits of being in a relationship is to have a shoulder to lean on during difficult times. As part of a family you have your family members to […]

Why You Must Not Allow Your Pursuit Of Money To Usurp Your Family Life

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Money is important in life and money helps us enjoy life but there must be a limit to how much time you devote to chasing wealth. No matter how wealthy you may be you need a family to compliment your wealth and even when your wealth is gone your family will always be there for […]

Reason You Must Not Lose Confidence In Yourself

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I watched a movie today and it all shows how cruel people could be. A lady who was looking for employment in a fashion designer store was told to make a sample of her designs to be sure she is fit for their organization,upon submitting her designs the next time she came ,she was told […]


This Is Why Your Husband Need A Girlfriend

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Long term relationships such as marriage is very good but the problem is that often couples seems to get tired of each other after so many years. Most couples do not know how to face this hard truth neither do they know how to handle this honest reality. As years go by in a long […]

How To Make Your Partner Love You More

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Everyone likes to be loved,being loved makes the heart rejoice and happy. We all want someone who will sincerely love us and not just love us for a moment but for a life time. One of the factors that keeps a relationship is love and when the love is gone soon every other thing will […]

Get Fender Bronco For Your Wedding Ceremony

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Fender Bronco 40 is a compact, lightweight bass combo amp that kicks out a wealth of inspiring tones. It’s loaded with versatile preset amps and built-in effects that make it any bassist’s perfect personal-practice and recording companion. With free Fender FUSE software and USB computer connectivity, creating, editing, storing, and sharing your sounds is easy. […]

Couples Get This Musical Instruments For End of The Year Celebrations

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The festive season is surely here! Quite a lot of celebrations here and there and if you are hosting your own celebrations this season you might just want to add instrumental music to it. What can of musical instruments would be a good fit for the occasion ? How many instruments can you name that […]

A2 Hosting Review

A2 hosting server

If you are familiar with my reviews,you will know that I do not ever write reviews on product I have not used because I believe in the saying that experience is the best teacher. My Journey with A2 hosting started in August this year, when my former hosting provider one of the EIG owned hosting […]

Airtime Giveaway Just For You


Today is yet another Friday and in the spirit of  giving back to you our readers,we welcome you to today’s Airtime Giveaway. Remember to join us every Friday here on the blog by 8.am and by 6pm-7pm on Twitter via our handle @Myregistrywed Today, you need to put your finger to work as that is […]

Signup For Payoneer Card & Get A $25 Reward

Signup For Payoneer Card & Get  A $25 Reward

  Yeah! You read it right ,get a whooping $25 just to signup for payoneer card and the best part is-the card is free. Yippee ! I just got my card and am so loving the card, the card has made it easy for me to receive and make international payment and it can do […]

Reasons You Must Stay True To Your Commitment in Marriage

Reasons You Must Stay True To Your Commitment in Marriage

In a world where there is so much selfishness, disloyalty and me first spirit, staying true to your marriage commitment might be a struggle. Making a commitment is not as easy as keeping the commitment . On your wedding day you and your spouse were very happy and joyful as you made a vow to […]

Winners of Free Airtime For Grab

Winners of Free Airtime For Grab

Thank you all for participating in today’s Airtime Giveaway, Below are the names of our winners for today’s giveaway. Remember to join us again next week by 8am here and from 6pm -7pm on Twitter via our handle @myregistrywed and use the hashtag #MrwGiveaway . If you did not win today, don’t worry just join […]

Free Airtime For Grab

Free Airtime For Grab

Welcome to the month of November and a happy new month to you. We are back with our weekly Airtime giveaway every Friday. Even though we haven’t done this for a while here but if you followed us on Twitter @myregistrywed you will know that our Airtime Giveaway has been on, so even if you […]